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Fresh Please delivers premium produce from a pristine and sustainable land, from a country which can boast absolute GMO freedom. 

Australia is uniquely placed to be able to provide a surplus of quality and green food to the world. Our isolation and high principles in maintaining sustainable, clean farming practices has seen Australia gain worldwide recognition for our clean, green produce and innovation in establishing better farming practices which meet and exceed world regulations. Even with our large expanse of desert, over the next decade and beyond, Australia will have almost 20 times more arable land per head of population than China, India and Indonesia, and 60 times that of Japan. What's more, much of this land remains unspoilt and untouched.

Australia's relative isolation means we can have a tighter control on pests and diseases without the need for heavy chemical intervention. This impacts significantly on the produce which Australia can grow and export without the necessary intervention of harsh chemicals. It provides assurances to our buyers that they are receiving high quality, fresh goods that are pure, clean and untainted.

Grown To Perfection - Fresh Please

Our Fresh Please team of growers are all passionate Australian farmers who are experts in their field.

Growing To Perfection

Fresh Please is formed from a collective of dynamic farmers who are innovative in their approach to farming and who strive to improve on last years harvest keeping abreast of best farm management and sustainability practices. Many of our growers are generational farmers with plant varieties specific to them. These varieties are bred from decades of farm expertise and have outstanding qualities including optimal taste, texture, nutrition as well as a natural resilience to pests to ensure minimal intervention is required during their growth phase.  Our farmers harvest produce at just the right time to ensure proper development of the produce, only harvesting once it has reached the perfect level of ripeness. By harvesting at the right time, not too early or late in the season, you can be assured that produce has good colour, taste, nutrition and will stay fresher for longer.

Our growers all share a love for the land and are responsible for growing our ‘Fresh Please’ produce every day of the week. 

All our growers are leaders in their field and committed to producing only the finest Australian produce, consistently delivering excellence in food from paddock to plate. Our farmers are drivers of sustainable farming and processing practices, showing innovation in product and product packaging.

Fresh Please

 - Fresh Please

Tony Ceravolo and his father have been growing primarily fruit trees for the past 35 years with orchards spread throughout the Adelaide Hills yielding apples, stone fruit and cherries.


Located in the Adelaide Hills, Ceravolo Orchards has the ideal climate and soil to yield a high quality finished product with Tony Ceravolo, owner and orchardist, committed to maintaining international standards of quality in best farming practices in delivering a premium product onto shelf. To consistently maintain product integrity, from the farm gate, the Ceravolo family have their own onsite  packing, cold storage and juicing facilities.

Fresh Please

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