Atriplex nummularia

South Australia has the perfect conditions to consistently grow healthy, disease free, Australian Native herbs that are full of flavour. Fresh Please Australian Native herbs are packed in Australia into convenient travel trays to ensure absolute product freshness. Look for our Native Fresh Recipes coming soon.

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Saltbush is a native Australian herb and can be found growing wild amongst South Australia’s deserts and in our naturally salty environments. Saltbush varies in size from a small and fleshy herb to large woody shrub. 

Culinary Uses

Saltbush leaves may be rubbed into a roast leg of lamb (as a salt substitute) or paired with fish and seafood dishes.  Look for our Native Fresh Recipes coming soon.

Selecting the best produce

Fresh, quality herbs, will appear as though they have just been picked with plump looking leaves.  Look for produce that has healthy stems with no signs of yellowing or wilting.


0 degrees celcius at 90-100% relative humidity.

It is important that herbs are expertly handled during transportation. Herbs should be kept covered and away from refrigeration fans. 

Harvesting & Packaging

South Australia’s warm and temperate climate ensures year round production of our Australian Native range of herbs. Fresh Please natives are hand cut and packed into Fresh Please ‘travel friendly’ pre-packs.  Pre-packs are available in a range of sizes from 20g upwards dependent on your requirements.


Available all year round. 


Saltbush is high in iodine, yet has 20% less sodium than table salt, making it the perfect substitute.


Iodine is an essential trace element and an integral component to best manage thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones are required for normal growth, good tissue development and assist in the natural maturation of our bodies. Iodine could also improve cognitive abilities, improve metabolism and providing thyroid protection. 

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