Kaffir Lime Leaf

Citrus hystrix

Fresh Please herbs are plump and full of flavour, available in bunches or convenient travel trays. Our travel trays are packed in Australia to ensure absolute product freshness.

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Kaffir lime leaves are dark green and glossy. They are easily recognised by their unusual double leaf structure which has the appearance of one leaf jointed onto another, end to end. Kaffir lime leaves have a taste that resembles lime zest and is a popular ingredient in South East Asian cuisine for the distinct flavour and fragrance they impart.  

Culinary Uses

Kaffir Lime leaves are widely used in Thai and Lao cuisine (for dishes such as tom yum), Cambodian cuisine (for the base paste "krueng") and Vietnamese cuisine for the fragrance they impart to a dish. The leaves are also used in Indonesian cuisine (especially Balinese and Javanese cuisine), Malay and Burmese dishes.

Selecting the best produce

Fresh, quality herbs, will appear as though they have just been picked with plump looking leaves.  Look for produce with healthy stems and no signs of yellowing or wilting. Avoid leaves that show any signs of disease, spotting or a fungal infection.


0 degrees celcius at 90-100% relative humidity.

It is important that herbs are expertly handled during transportation. Herbs should be kept covered and away from refrigeration fans. 

Harvesting & Packaging

Fresh Please Kaffir Lime leaves are packed into Fresh Please ‘travel friendly’ pre-packs.  Pre-packs are available in a range of sizes from 20g upwards dependent on your requirements.


Available all year round. 


Kaffir lime leaves have some calcium and vitamin A.  


Calcium is a mineral essential for the growth and maintenance of strong teeth, bones, nerve signaling, muscle contraction as well as the secretion of certain hormones and enzymes.


Vitamin A is important for good vision, a healthy immune system, and promoting cell growth.  Vitamin A is also linked to assisting in the skins ability to repel bacteria and viruses as well as being recognized as being essential to overall eye health vision and may slow declining retinal function. 

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