Anethum graveolens

South Australia’s warm, temperate climate and good soils ensure we can harvest soil grown herbs of exceptional quality.

Fresh Please herbs are plump, leafy and full of flavour, available in bunches or convenient travel trays. Our travel trays are packed in Australia to ensure absolute product freshness.

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Dill is closely related to parsley and carrots with similar feathery, thread-like, blue/green leaves.  The plants leaves, stem and seeds are used in cooking. Dill’s green, wispy leaves have a subtle, sweet taste while the seeds are quite strong and powerful.

Culinary Uses

Finely chopped dill is used to flavour soups, cream cheese, eggs, salmon, grilled meats and salads. Whole branches of dill also make an attractive garnish. 

Selecting the best produce

The freshest dill will have a more pungent aroma.  Fresh, quality herbs, will appear as though they have just been picked with healthy looking, feathery leaves.  Look for produce that has healthy stems with no signs of yellowing or wilting.


0 degrees celcius at 90-100% relative humidity.

Harvesting & Packaging

South Australia’s warm and temperate climate ensures year round production of quality Australian dill. Fresh Please Dill is hand cut and tied into 200g bunches or packed into Fresh Please ‘travel friendly’ pre-packs.  Pre-packs are available in a range of sizes from 20g upwards dependent on your requirements.


Available all year round. 


Beetroot, Fennel And Yoghurt Soup
Beetroot, Fennel And Yoghurt Soup

This soup is satisfying, earthy and thick. It is rich and creamy and very nutritious. The addition of fresh fennel and the crunchy sourdough bread provide multiple textures which together ensure every mouthful is unique and interesting.


Dill provides some vitamin C and manganese to the diet. 


Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants boost your immune system, and may protect against cancer, heart disease, cataracts and infection. It also helps the absorption of iron and zinc in other foods.


Manganese helps in bone production, skin integrity, blood sugar control and protection against free radical damage. 

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