Curry leaves

Murraya koenigii

South Australia’s warm, temperate climate and good soils ensure we can harvest herbs of exceptional quality.

Fresh Please herbs are plump and full of flavour, available in bunches or convenient travel trays. Our travel trays are packed in Australia to ensure absolute product freshness.

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Curry leaves, from the curry tree, are used in many dishes in India, Sri Lanka and neighboring countries. Curry leaves should be dark green and glossy with the freshest Australian leaves being extremely aromatic and having a strong, pungent flavour.

Culinary Uses

Curry leaves are used somewhat like the bay leaf. Curry leaves add a distinct flavour to rice dishes, lentils, curries, yogurts, breads and more. As curry leaves are edible they needn’t be removed from a dish prior to serving.

Selecting the best produce

Fresh, quality herbs, will appear as though they have just been picked with plump looking leaves.  Look for produce with healthy stems and no signs of yellowing or wilting. Avoid leaves that show any signs of disease, spotting or a fungal infection.


0 degrees celcius at 90-100% relative humidity. Keep covered and away from refrigeration fans. 

Harvesting & Packaging

Fresh Please Curry leaves are packed into Fresh Please ‘travel friendly’ pre-packs.  Pre-packs are available in a range of sizes from 20g upwards dependent on your requirements.


Available all year round. 


Curry leaves provide vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium. 


Vitamin A assists in bone growth, reproduction and aids the immune system as well as being linked to assisting in the skins ability to repel bacteria and viruses.  Recent studies have also shown that vitamin A supports good eye health, assists with vision and may slow declining retinal function. 


Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants boost your immune system, and may protect against cancer, heart disease, cataracts and infection. Vitamin C also helps with the absorption of iron and zinc from other foods.

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