Allium schoenoprasum

South Australia’s warm, temperate climate and good soils ensure we can harvest soil grown herbs of exceptional quality.

Fresh Please herbs are plump, leafy and full of flavour, available in bunches or convenient travel trays. Our travel trays are packed in Australia to ensure absolute product freshness.

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Chives are a close relation to onion, garlic, leek and scallions. Of these, chives have the most delicate onion like flavour, with a hint of garlic.

Culinary Uses

Chives are one of the most sought-after ingredients used for flavouring and garnishing recipes in many parts of the world. Chives have a subtle onion flavour, and will impart a bright green colour to a dish.

To prepare, wash chives in a bowl of cold water and carefully dry by gently mopping with a paper towel.  Chives are best added at the final moments in a dish to prevent loss of flavour (essential oils).

Selecting the best produce

The best chives will be a uniform size with firm, deep green stalks. Choose young leaves for a mild flavour or larger ones if you are after a sharper and more pungent onion-like flavour. Fresh, quality herbs, will appear as though they have just been picked with plump looking leaves.  Look for produce that has healthy stems with no signs of yellowing or wilting.


0 degrees celcius at 90-100% relative humidity.

It is important that herbs are expertly handled during transportation. Herbs should be kept covered and away from refrigeration fans. 

Harvesting & Packaging

South Australia’s warm and temperate climate ensures year round production of quality Australian chives. Fresh Please Chives are hand cut and tied into 200g bunches or packed into Fresh Please ‘travel friendly’ pre-packs.  Pre-packs are available in a range of sizes from 20g upwards dependent on your requirements.


Available all year round. 


You might be surprised to learn that chives are good source of vitamin K (177% of our daily recommended intake), and vitamin A (145% of our daily recommended intake).


Vitamin K is an essential nutrient which facilitates in normal blood clotting. Vitamin K also aids in the transportation of calcium throughout the body, and as such may assist in promoting good bone health, reduce the instance of bone loss, and decrease risk of bone fractures. It also may help to prevent calcification of arteries and other soft tissue.


Vitamin A is important for good vision, a healthy immune system, and promoting cell growth.  Vitamin A is also linked to assisting in the skins ability to repel bacteria and viruses as well as being recognized as being essential to overall eye health vision and may slow declining retinal function. 

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