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The Australian Produce Collective is a subsidiary company of the South Australian Produce Market, South Australia's primary fresh produce wholesale market. The Australian Produce Collective has been formed as the export arm to these operations and is made up of a number of leading growers all committed to exporting the highest quality, fresh produce exclusively through the FRESH PLEASE brand.

Company Philosophy - Fresh Please

About Fresh Please

Fresh Please was established to deliver the highest quality, premium and safe fresh Australian produce into the overseas market place under one, easily recognised brand 'Fresh Please.'

This is exciting times, with so much to taste and try. Why not try a new accredited and safe Fresh Please product today?

Our Philosophy

The Australian Produce Collective is run with determination, passion and commitment. We offer an international infrastructure, which enables us to provide world class service, innovation and leadership to our customers, suppliers and stakeholders. We believe in empowering our people, building relationships and innovation, with the collective subscribing to a philosophy of transparency, accountability, integrity, excellence and innovation.

Through investment in our people, technology, the community and our partners we aim to not only deliver to our consumers the highest quality, safe goods, but to make a positive contribution to real sustainability. We are relentless in turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Fresh Please

Quality Assurance - Fresh Please


With all 'Fresh Please' produce you can be guaranteed you are consuming the cleanest and most honest produce available.

All Fresh Please produce has been checked and assesed by an Authorised Officer of DAF (Department of Agriculture and Water Resources) prior to export.

Global food trade is expanding and providing consumers with access to a wider variety of foods. This expansion in trade has brought the diversity of food safety regulations and standards in different countries into sharper focus. Recognising a need for quality assured products the Australian Produce Collective   works with Fresh Please's own food technicians and producers to ensure that only the highest possible produce is exported whilst providing assistance in developing specific, safe Australian products suitable for export.

Fresh Please

Traceability - Fresh Please

Complete Traceability, from our country to yours

The Australian Produce Collective has created a fully managed, end to end, value chain solution that provides a direct channel for Fresh Please produce into the international marketplace.

The Australian Produce Collective seeks to create transparency from producer to consumer with respect to sourcing, planning, ingredients, production, product safety, logistics and consumer education in bringing to market the safest and highest quality products available under one Australian brand name 'Fresh Please.'

We work with our supply partners (the growers) to eliminate unnecessary production and distribution costs to help ensure the best possible price, whilst maintaining the quality and integrity of all Fresh Please produce. We facilitate the transport process from producer to store, creating efficiencies throughout the supply chain ensuring products are delivered to you safely, securely and at a competitive price point – so you are afforded not only the freshest produce, but also great value for money.

This is your assurance that you are receiving the highest standard products that are clean, safe and in the same pristine condition as the day they left Australia.

Fresh Please

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